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We have different products that come in different levels of absorbency and different sizes to ensure you can find the product most comfortable for you whatever you are doing. You may find you prefer to opt for smaller lighter, absorbency products like TENA for Men some days and a higher absorbency or TENA pants for those days when you are out about and don’t know what the day might bring.  For ease, we’ve divided the range into 3 sections: All products, light protection and moderate protection.

This is our full TENA for Men pad and pant range. You may find you want to use different products for different occasions or, if you want to narrow down your choices, use our Product Finder to help you do this.

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TENA Fix are washable stretch pants to be used together with insert pads i.e. Maternity pads (Labour Ward), Light Inco pads (TENA Men) and Incontinence insert pads.

TENA Pants Plus


TENA Pants Plus provides extra security and it's worn like a normal underwear diaper. The exceptional security is due to the FeelDryTM technology which rapidly absorbs even large quantities of urine into the core and away from the skin so that, even when seated or lying down for long periods of time, the wearer will stay dry and comfortable and the risk of skin rashes and infections is significantly reduced. TENA Pants Plus offers the perfect solution for both women and men with light to moderate leakage. The new TENA Pants Plus is twice as dry as before and features a breathable, textile-like material. The absorbent core is integrated and soft elastics to ensure a comfortable fit. TENA Pants Plus is the unique option for everyone to make sure that nothing is noticed.

TENA Slip Super


TENA Slip Super, an all-in-one protection open diaper with maximum absorption and security against leakage and suitable for faecal incontinence. Now with Cloth-like Backsheet Cover that is soft and gentle against the skin and SuperfitTM Re-adjustable Tape that allows fixation tapes to be resealed and readjusted anywhere on non-woven backsheet for comfortable fitting and wear. TENA Slip Super also benefits from FeelDryTM that offers rapid absorption and excellent retention for improved dryness and a dual core that rapidly absorbs urine and retains it away from the body; the Aloe Vera top sheet has moisturizing properties that is soft and gentle to the skin while its Anti-bacterial core inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and prevents bad odour.

TENA for Men


TENA for Men is for those who lose more than just a few drops, to be assured of the extra protection they need, however active they may be. Its comfortable cup shape pad is designed specifically for the male anatomy and is so discreet that it is unnoticeable under clothes. The adhesive strip secures the pad in its optimum position.

TENA For Men is so discreet, no one will ever know you’re wearing it. The unique Lock Away CoreTM contains micro-absorbents that lock in liquid and keep it away from the body, plus there’s the added reassurance of Odour ControlTM for guaranteed feel good freshness.

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