Easy home ideas, better comfort for your parents.

Interior home ideas in-collaboration with Dr. Eric Leong.

Sometimes, little things can make a lot of difference, especially when it comes to comfort and safety for your elderly parents. Simple improvements can do a world of good; and bring added peace of mind for parents and their caregivers alike. Plus, a change of environment is always great, too! Here are some easy home ideas from renowned home designer Dr. Eric Leong.

Best for Rest

Nothing’s more important than getting a good night’s rest, though waking up and moving about safely in the bedroom – especially at night - comes a close second. Here are some ways to put bedroom worries to sleep.


Easy Night Light

Place a small, easy-to-use night light within reach at the bedside table for night trips to the bathroom.

Natural Light Source

Use a sheer curtain to allow more natural light to filter in from the windows during the day.

Furniture Selection

Select round-edged furniture to reduce the risk of injuries should there be any falls.

Fitted Bedsheet & TENA Underpads

Do use fitted bedsheets instead of loose bedsheets for easy changing. For added convenience, prevent liquid from penetrating the mattress by layering it with a TENA Underpad.

Night Tray

Prepare a tray for easy access to necessities during the night. You can put a small flask of hot water and a pack of TENA Wet on a small tray and place it on the bedside table.

Changing Chair

Place a sturdy chair near the wardrobe area to aid in balancing while changing clothes.

Comfy Living is Better Living

The living room is where connections and interactions happen, so ensuring it’s safe and comfortable for people of all ages just makes sense. Here are some ways to breathe life into this important shared space.


Tray of Treasure

Use a small pretty tray to place drinks, supplements and TENA Wet . Place the tray on an ottoman or a side table in the living room for easy reach.


Use an ottoman as a leg rest, which can also double up as a side table to hold the Tray of Treasure.

Non-slip Rug

Place a non-slip rug on the floor of the sitting area for a non-slip surface, which also serves as a foot warmer mat.

Cushion Pad for Sofa or Chairs

Use a cushion pad to raise the height of sofa or chairs that are too low, so that it is easy for your parents to get up. 

Small Cushion

Use a small rectangular cushion to support your parent’s back while sitting on the sofa in the living room. 
Recommended size: W16” X H8”  

Soft Furnishing Divider

You can create a rest area for your parent in your living room with a simple divider. It’s easy to do this using just a sheer curtain or organza fabric.

Water-Based Plants

Display water-based plants in the room for easy maintenance. Plants give off oxygen and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 
Recommended: Palm and money tree plants. 

Natural Fragrance

Make your own natural air freshener! Just cut up pandan leaves and lemongrass stalks, then place them in a beautiful glass bowl.

Colour Scheme

Use a refreshing colour scheme in order to make the room look and feel fresh all day, in order to lift one’s mood. Recommended colours are light green or lemon green. 

Safe Walkways

Make sure pathways are clear and wide enough to walk through. Tie up any loose wires on the floor and remove clutter to avoid tripping. 

Worry-Free Washrooms

Hygiene is always essential, so it’s good to keep your bathroom clean and comfortable at all times. Here are some ways to ensure it’s safe and sound, day or night.


Artificial Day Lighting

Use artificial day light (T5) for the bathroom to increase visibility especially at night.

Separate Dry & Wet Area

Use a shower screen to divide the dry and wet areas in the bathroom.

Metal Handrail

Install a metal handrail on the wall near the toilet bowl to enable your parent to get up easily after using the toilet.

Rubber Mat

Place a rubber mat in the wet area to prevent the risk of falling.

Rubber Slippers

Place rubber slippers in the toilet to prevent slips when walking on the wet floor. 

Shower Chair

Place a plastic chair to prevent risk of falling when showering. 

TENA Pants Storage

Put TENA Pants into a non-transparent plastic container. Make sure it’s within reach by placing it near the bathroom or bed area.

Cooking Up Comfort

Cooking can be therapeutic, and so can eating; just make sure the kitchen is kept organised, tidy and comfortable, and you’re all set. Here are some tips to help you do just that.


Kitchen Basin & Floor

Keep the kitchen floor clean, dry and oil-free at all times. For safety, place a small floor mat next to the basin area where it tends to get slippery or wet. The mat will also keep the feet warm.

Natural Light Source

Use long / U-shaped kitchen cabinet handles instead of round knobs; these can also serve as handrails for the elderly.

Bright Lighting

Always have natural light or artificial day lighting for the kitchen as this will make food preparation and cooking easier.