Musician? Aged 50 and above?


What is TENAcity? 

TENAcity is more than just a band. It’s an iconic group of musicians who inspire active ageing through their love of music as they tour around Malaysia and showcase the power of pursuing your passions at any age. 

The name TENAcity combines the brand TENA with the word "city", symbolising the band's dominance wherever they play and the determination of those who refuse to let age hold them back. 

Are you the talented musician we're searching for to join TENAcity, proving that passion knows no age limit & stand to win up to RM75,000? 

Join now if you are… 

Over 50 years old and residing in Malaysia 

Possess outstanding talent as a musician 

Hurry! Registration closes at 27 Mar 2023 

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Championing Active Ageing for Malaysia

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