Active Ageing

Unlock the boundless potential for a fulfilling life, both mentally and physically, as you age gracefully. At TENA, we champion active ageing, firmly believing that your golden years can be filled with vitality and joy.

As Malaysia progresses towards an ageing population, we are ully committed to empowering seniors in living their best years and dedicated to becoming an all-around support system, welcoming seniors to embrace this stage of life.

Watch this short video that celebrates the spirit of active ageing.

Learn more below about TENA’s initiatives towards creating a more inclusive and supportive society for seniors.​

TENA Heroes

Step into the vibrant and uplifting world of senior enthusiasts, the advocates of active ageing, as they capture the essence of this empowering lifestyle. Watch now to witness their unwavering passion and get inspired to live your own best life!

Malaysia’s Latest Ageing Report 2023

Access valuable insights into the lives of seniors in Malaysia through the latest findings from the TENA Research, which focuses on independent seniors and seniors with caregivers, providing unique perspectives. Additionally, we seek to understand caregivers' perceptions of seniors.

The average Malaysian population is gradually ageing, with approximately 7.3% of them currently aged 65 and above. This number is projected to reach 20% by 2056! As we recognise the significance of this demographic shift, we believe that ageing should be a positive experience. Seniors deserve opportunities and encouragement to remain active, both physically and mentally.

Based on the data collected, our TENA research reveals that 81% of seniors consider themselves active and have a positive outlook on life. They value good health, cherish their loving families, and embrace the various aspects of life. However, we acknowledge that ageing also presents challenges, including financial concerns, health issues such as , and the need for mental support.

Delve into the extensive findings of our TENA Research and gain a profound understanding of the realities faced by seniors in Malaysia, as well as caregivers' perceptions of seniors. Discover how TENA champions active ageing, striving to inspire and motivate seniors to wholeheartedly embrace and enjoy life to the fullest.


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TENAcity band is a living testament to the spirit of ‘active ageing', a musical band composed of remarkably talented individuals in their 50s who wholeheartedly pursue their passion for music and embark on a captivating tour across Malaysia.

Their mission is to spread the positive message of active ageing, inspire Malaysians to continue living their lives tenaciously, and empower them to embrace the vibrancy of their golden years.

Together, let's celebrate the endless possibilities and create a society where age is never a limitation but a source of inspiration!

Live your dream, no matter your age

Live your dream, no matter your age